Genealogists: just posted a list of Marketing Eye-Catchers for you!

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What is an “Eye-Catcher?”  It is a word or a phrase that catches your target client’s attention and makes them start looking for a genealogist – maybe you!

Let’s look at the article I found on today:


When to Hire a Professional Genealogist:  Finding a Genealogist that Suits Your Needs

by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG

The time may come when you will seek the assistance of a professional genealogist.  How do you know when? Since each research project is unique, it is impossible to say exactly when. However, you might need to hire a pro, if you:

  • Do not have time to do the research yourself
  • Do not have the necessary genealogical research skills
  • Do not have access to the records in a particular locality
  • Do not know what records exist that might offer a solution to your research problem
  • Cannot read the language in which the records are recorded
  • Have a reached a dead-end or brick wall
  • Need specific on-site research
  • Desire consultation on how to solve a research problem or extend a line
  • Need help writing, editing or publishing your genealogy
  • Want on-site photographs, videos and/or oral interviews with distant family members
  • Need help with adoption/birth parent research projects
  • Wish to locate living family members
  • Are not familiar with records pertaining to a particular ethnic group


Now let’s look at how this “pre-identified” list of reasons someone might hire YOU!, a professional genealogist and see how you can use this list in your marketing.

Look  at the list and choose 3 bullet points that particularly describe the people who have hired you to help with their genealogy.  You could help them identify with your clients by saying things like these on your website, in your 30 Second Commercial, on other written materials:

My clients often tell me they have reached a dead-end or brick wall and have no idea how to move further in their genealogy search.

Others are members of (a particular ethnic group) I have been tracking for years because I am a member of that group!

Because my clients and I live in an area where major genealogical resources are not available locally, my clients appreciate my experience in finding and accessing special records.

Did you see how I used ideas from the list designed to trigger the interest of your target clients in a way  attracts them to you?  I’m sure you did!  Look at the list again and try writing some Eye-Catchers of your own!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the article. Add “writing and editing” each time you see “research” in the above list and you’ve got some strong eye-catchers for the field of personal history. Thanks for sharing the article.

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