The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook

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Most everything I learned about how to optimize learning and enchant audiences in my workshops and classes, I learned from this book.


accel learningSince the 1970’s a tremendous amount of research has been done on how human beings learn and what are the optimal conditions for accelerated and maximum absorption and retention of information.

In 1999, I came across a book that encapsulated how to create talks and workshops the inspire people, create enthusiasm AND present information in a way that people will easily take it in and remember it.  The book is called “The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook” by Lou Russell.

From this book I learned how much time people can take in information before they need a break.  I learned how to break out of the I talk/you listen mode of teaching and go beyond “okay, I’ll offer you a powerpoint to look at while I talk.”

From this book I learned how to create workshops that use sight, hearing, and touch to maximize people’s learning experience.  I learned how to augment the learning environment by enriching it with music and other stimulants to learning.

The result has been that over the years I have gotten great reviews on my workshops and classes.  I have mentioned this book to my clients over the years and just recently checked to see that the book is still available… and it is.  Click AMAZON to go to the page where new and used copies of the Fieldbook are offered.

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