Attention Marketing Introverts!

If you love your work but dread the necessity of doing marketing and sales, Dhyan’s programs can help you find clients in a non-extroverted way! – a way that fits your true personality and temperament!

Dhyan says, “I was a terrible marketing introvert when I first started my business.  I had trained for 6 years to be a psychotherapist but my program did not offer even one hour on how to run a business or find clients.  It was quite a shock when I graduated and suddenly realized I hadn’t a clue how to set up a private practice.  Marketing scared me… sick to my stomach, sweaty hands, even stuttering… but I knew that if I wanted my business (and I did!) I had to find a way to make marketing and sales routine and, yes, EASY!  Many of my fellow graduates capitulated and either didn’t become therapists or didn’t try to start a private practice.  I turned around and got training in business skills.”

This is the first foundation: knowing what you should be doing and how to do it.

The second foundation, which is something Dhyan is very good at because of her psychotherapy training, is helping Marketing Introverts to get out into the world, use the skills and start losing their fear.  Sometimes it means taking one baby step after another but things get easier over time. This type of ally coaching can make all the difference to a marketing introvert becoming successful in business.

Ways to work with Dhyan:

12 Session Business Intensive – personalized for Marketing Introverts

Block of 4 Sessions – personalized for Marketing Introverts

Single Session on Marketing Introvert Issues