Starting a Memory Saving Business

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It is easy to catch the memory saving bug.  Interviewing others about their life stories and the stories of their ancestors is fascinating and the joy people express when you hand them their final product is deeply rewarding. So how do you start if you want to be a memory-saver?  Basically there are two things you need to get in place in order to get your business going. The first thing is to choose the product you want to sell.  Let’s say that what you would like most to do is interview others and capture their memories and stories for them and future generations of their family....

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What to do when you are called by the New York Times

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The initial contact was by email. The journalist, Alina Tugend, wrote that she was writing an article for the New York Times about the business of personal history and would I consent to be interviewed. One of my clients, also mentioned in the article, had referred her to me. I called Alina back immediately… point #1:  don’t wait to call the journalist back, even if you feel “unprepared.” I told her I would be delighted to be interviewed and asked when would she like to speak with me. (I would have rescheduled almost anything on my calendar for this!) Then the work,...

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New York Times!

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Yesterday, Sept 1, 2016, there was an article in the New York Times that mentioned my business!  The article entitled “Have a story to tell?  Your Personal Memoirist is Here!” interviewed two very successful personal  historians, Kitty Axelson-Berry and Mary O’Brien Tyrrell, one beginning personal historian, Kit Dwyer, and me as a person who has taught client-finding-skills to personal historians since 2003. Here is a link to the article I was absolutely thrilled to have my business written about in the New York Times!  One of my hopes is that people out there who read...

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The Accelerated Learning Fieldbook

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Most everything I learned about how to optimize learning and enchant audiences in my workshops and classes, I learned from this book.   Since the 1970’s a tremendous amount of research has been done on how human beings learn and what are the optimal conditions for accelerated and maximum absorption and retention of information. In 1999, I came across a book that encapsulated how to create talks and workshops the inspire people, create enthusiasm AND present information in a way that people will easily take it in and remember it.  The book is called “The Accelerated Learning...

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Cultivating Sales Communication Skills: The 70/30 Rule

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In this series of short skills exercises, we will focus on very particular communication skills that will significantly enhance your ability to talk to potential clients. The 70/30 Rule What do you think?  When you start talking to someone who is showing interest in the services and products you offer, whose speaking is the most important?  You might think that the correct answer is “yours”  because you are the one that can tell the other person about what you offer and “get them more interested,” but you would be wrong!  The most important person speaking is...

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Marketing to Millennials – 78 Million Strong!

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If you are a Memory Saving Professional, chances are you have already identified these two common groups as potential, paying clients: Older members of a family who have memories and ancestor information who want to share with younger members of their family and/or have a desire to fund family research Adult-children of older family members who want their stories told and collected while there is still time to save them and who are also willing to fund research into family history. You may be overlooking an up-and-coming generation that is being grossly under targeted by Memory Saving...

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