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  • Professional Organization Member DiscountIf you are a member of a memory saving professional organization such as APH (Assoc of Personal Historians) or APG (Assoc. of Professional Genealogists) or OHA (Oral Historians Assoc.) or any other professional organization for memory saving professionals – I will honor your commitment to your profession and offer you a discount on my services.  You will need to send me verification of membership or renewal confirmation to secure the discount.  Contact me personally before purchase:
  • Dhyan @


Business-Life Coaching with Dhyan

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Short Term – Solution Focused Coaching

Are you challenged by habits or attitudes that keep you from business success?  Do you have trouble marketing consistently and your potential client pipeline shows it? Dhyan calls on her years as a business consultant and psychotherapist to help you decrease or eliminate patterns that hold you back. She helps you create step-by-step action plans and helps you stay accountable to your plan.  This is coaching, not psychotherapy.  Short Term-Solution Focused Coaching consists of weekly sessions purchased in blocks of 4. Participation in this program requires a commitment to putting steps in action between sessions. $280 per 4 session block.  (* See above: Professional Organization Member Discount. Member discount for this offering:  $200 per 4 session block)

Purchase a block of 4 Coaching Sessions:  


Consulting / Training Options

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Free Initial Consultation 

Are you thinking about working with me but would like to talk to me first?  Great.  I would be happy to offer you a free 15 minute initial consultation.  You can see what it is like to work with me and together we can decide if what you are looking for is something I offer.

To schedule your free consultation call me:  Dhyan 303-415-0243 or go to the contact page and send me an email.

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Single, 60 Minute Session 

Single sessions are scheduled “on request.”  If you have some area of your business that is stopping you or slowing you down and you want an hour’s worth of help  – this option is for you.  Single sessions can be recorded for you at no extra charge.  Cost of single sessions is $85 per session. (* see above: Professional Organization Member Discount: $75 per session)


Block of 4 60-Minute Sessions 

Do you know you need more than one session’s worth of help?  Blocks of four sessions can be purchased in advance and then used over the next 4 months. You identify a problem area and we will work on it together. You identify a problem area and we will work on it together.  I use an “interview style” process to go deeply into the situation or problem. You will always leave with “next steps.” Sessions can be recorded at no extra chargs.  Cost of a block of four sessions is $280.  (* see above: Professional Organization Member Discount: $240/4 sessions)

12 Session Business Intensive: 


See description below for a full description of everything included in this essential client-finding skills training program. Up to 6 months, including 12 hour-long sessions and between session support costs $1800.  (* see above: Professional Organization Member Discount: $1500)

12 Session Business Intensive + Plus a Basic Website: 

We will do the complete Business Intensive described below plus we will work with Thomas Gronberg, TG Computer Support Services, to put up a basic website for your business.  This option is designed to help new business owners get up and running as quickly as possible.  Cost of this website adds $1000 to the basic program $2800 total.  (* see above: Professional Organization Member Discount: $2500)

Options for additional website functions can be quoted upon request. Talk to me prior to purchasing this option contact: Dhyan 303-415-0243 or go to the contact page and send me an email.

12 Session Business Intensive For Marketing Introverts: 

Need additional help working with your fear and reluctance to do marketing?  Add $300 to the basic program ($2100 total or $1800 Professional Organization Member Discount) and you will get the complete Business Intensive program plus extra time together working on the three things that overcome marketing reluctance: mastering specific skills, breaking them into small do-able steps, and putting them into practice out in the real world.  I will provide extra support as you find out that marketing is really not so hard!  Talk to me prior to purchasing this option contact: Dhyan 303-415-0243 or go to the contact page and send me an email.  Also see the Marketing 4 Introverts page.


Program Description 

All forms of the Business Intesive consist of a premier program for start-up business owners.  The Business Intensive covers all of the 5 Essential Skills, thoroughly, from beginning to end. It is a very practical, hands-on program. During the program you will:

    • Create a “useable” strategic plan to guide you over the next 12 months.
    • Master a weekly strategic planning habit that will take you 10-15 minutes a week and double your productivity during your working hours
    • Identify your “ideal” target clients and their reasons for wanting your product or service
    • Craft that understanding into a one sentence marketing message that always grabs your idea target client’s attention
    • Create and learn 30 Second Commercial that tells about you but also describes the people you work with so people recognize themselves in what you say
    • Get 3 to 5 effective marketing strategies up and running
    • Create a 10 minute presentation about your business that you are prepared to give any time you are asked.  And if you do public speaking as a marketing strategy learn how to leave with the contact information of interested potential clients.
    • Learn how to multiply your marketing results by using “funnel marketing” and “compound marketing” techniques
    • Master a sales process that gets your client “to tell YOU” why they need your product or services BEFORE you talk about price
    • Set  up simple and reasonable organization and time management systems that work “for” you.
    • Get help with the writing of marketing materials such as website text, documents, ads, flyers, etc.

The Business Intensive also comes with:

    • A 100 page workbook containing 5 Essential Skills Business information and worksheets to put these skills in place in your working life
    • Email support between sessions
    • Text review for websites and documents