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JUNE- Business Support Group
A Live Support Group Experience: Submit or bring questions about your client-finding or marketing challenges.  Get personal help.  Learn from listening to the questions of other Memory Saving Professionals.
June, 23, 2016 – Thurs evening – 5 to 6 pm Mountain time
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JULY- How to Keep Your Marketing Going Strong Through The Summer
Don’t give up on your marketing because you think it is an “off” season.  You can still find clients and build your business.
July 16, 2016 – Sat afternoon- 4 to 5 pm Mountain time
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AUGUST- Start Marketing for Christmas (or Mid Winter) Sales
Nope it isn’t too early.  In fact, it may almost be too late!  We will talk about how to sell “Christmas or Mid-Winter” projects when you only have 3 months left to complete them.  We will also talk about gift certificates.
August 22, 2016 – Monday evening – 5 to 6 pm Mountain time
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