Audio Recordings

Hear what personal history professionals have to say about starting their own business, their marketing, and hear them share great ideas to help you and your business!

 2016 Recordings

Dhyan Atkinson – From Interest to Sales

Re-recording of a Free Teleclass offered by Dhyan in March of 2016

Most people think of sales as the conversation you have with a potential client where they decide whether to buy or not to buy.  Actually the sales process starts MUCH earlier – the moment your potential client FIRST expresses interest.  Here’s how to handle that moment!

Nancy Shohet West/Dhyan Atkinson – Using Facebook

Interview with Nancy Shohet West of Nancy Shohet West Editorial and Memoir Services

Nancy has had a full personal history practice since she opened her doors in 2012. Listen as she talks to us about how she does her marketing and especially how she works with Facebook.


Older Recordings – 2012 (pre-Dhyan Cancer) 


Alisha Morgan  / Dhyan Atkinson – Website Design

Interview with Alisha Morgan 

Alisha Morgan – questions.docx


Betty Marton/Dhyan Atkinson – How to Write Pitch Letters

Betty Marton – questions and samples


Jane Shafron / Dhyan Atkinson – Using YouTube and Vimeo in Marketing

Interview with Jane Shafron

Jane Shafron – questions


Leslie Lang / Dhyan Atkinson

Interview with Leslie Lang of Talk Story Press

  1. Marketing in an “Introduction-Based” community,
  2. Placing an ad in a local publication (in a community that values cultural heritage,)
  3. Enthusiasm and Marketing Success,
  4. and Public Speaking

Leslie Lang – questions


Linda Hamilton  / Dhyan Atkinson – Marketing to Organizations

Interview with Linda Hamilton 

Linda Hamilton – mrktg to organizations (1)


Sarah White / Dhyan Atkinson

Interview with Sarah White of First Person Productions

  1. Using a contest as a business starter
  2. Teaching classes as a marketing strategy

Sarah White – notes to class


Stephanie Nichols / Dhyan Atkinson – Another Pricing Method

Stephanie Nichols questions Stephen Albert – ads – wild card mrktg – time mngmt software


Stephen Albert / Dhyan Atkinson – Targeted Advertising, Wild Card Marketing and Time Management Software



Tara Fort / Dhyan Atkinson – Reaching 200 New People Per Month!


Tara Fort / Dhyan Atkinson – Using Social Media

Tara Fort – social media – questions



Trevor Mickelson / Dhyan Atkinson – How to Pick a Good Networking Group

Trevor Mickelson – questions